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with the arguments the minority made. At the time, I hadnt

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Chapter XIV Destruction of Semele.-- Infancy of Bacchus.-- March of Bacchus.- - One of the Bacchanals taken Prisoner.-- Pentheus.-- Worship of Bacchus Established in Greece.-- Ariadne.-- Bacchus's Marriage.-- Ariadne's Crown

with the arguments the minority made. At the time, I hadnt

Chapter XV Pan.-- Shepherd's Pipe.-- Panic Terror.-- Signification of the Name Pan.-- Latin Divinities.-- Wood Nymphs.-- Water Nymphs.-- Sea Nymphs. Pleasing Traits of Old Paganism.-- Mrs. Browning's Poem.-- Violation of Cere's Grove.-- Erisichthon's Punishment.-- Rhoecus.-- Water Deities.-- Neptune's Symbol of Power.-- Latin Name for the Muses, and other Deities.-- Personification of the Winds. The Harpies.-- Worship of Fortuna

with the arguments the minority made. At the time, I hadnt

Chapter XVI Transformation of Achelous.-- Origin of the Cornucopia.-- Ancient Meaning of fight of Achelous with Hercules.-- Aesculapius.-- The Cyclops. Antigone.-- Expedition of the "Seven against Thebes."- - Antigone's Sisterly Devotion.-- Antigone's Burial.-- Penelope.- - Statue to Modesty.-- Ulysses.-- Penelope's suitors.-- Penelope's Web

with the arguments the minority made. At the time, I hadnt

Chapter XVII Orpheus's Lyre.-- Unhappy Prognostics at Orpheus's Marriage.-- Eurydice's Death.-- Orpheus Descends to the Stygian Realm.-- Orpheus Loses Eurydice Forever.-- Thracian Maidens.-- Honey.-- Aristaeus's Loss and Complaint.-- Cyrene's Apartments.-- Proteus Captured.-- His Directions to Orpheus.-- Swarm of Bees.-- Celebrated Mythical Poets and Musicians.-- First Mortal Endowed with Prophetic Powers

Chapter XVIII Adventures of Real Persons.-- Arion, Famous Musician.-- Description of Ancient Theatres.-- Murder of Ibycus.-- Chorus Personating the Furies.-- Cranes of Ibycus.-- The Murderers Seized.-- Simonides.-- Scopa's Jest. Simonides's Escape.-- Sappho.-- "Lover's Leap"

Chapter XIX Endymion.-- Mount Latmos. Gift of Perpetual Youth and Perpetual Sleep.-- Orion.-- Kedalion.-- Orion's Girdle.-- The Fatal Shot The Pleiads.-- Aurora.-- Memnon.-- statue of Memnon.-- Scylla.-- Acis and Galatea.-- River Acis

Chapter XX Minerva's Competition.-- Paris's Decision.-- Helen.-- Paris's Elopement.-- Ulysses's Pretence.-- The Apple of Discord.-- Priam, King of Troy.-- Commander of Grecian Armament.-- Principal Leaders of the Trojans.-- Agamemnon Kills the Sacred Stag.-- Iphigenia.-- The Trojan War.-- The Iliad.-- Interest of Dods and Goddesses in the War.-- Achilles's Suit of Armor.-- Death of Hector.-- Ransom Sent to Achilles.-- Achilles Grants Priam's Request.-- Hector's Funeral Solemnities.

Chapter XXI Achilles Captivated by Polyxena.-- Achilles' Claim.-- Bestowal of Achilles' Armor.-- The Hyacinth.-- Arrows of Hercules.-- Death of Paris.-- Celebrated Statue of Minerva.-- Wooden Horse.-- Greeks Pretend to Abandon the Siege.-- Sea Serpents.-- Laocoon.-- Troy subdued.-- Helen and Menelaus.-- Nepenthe.-- Agamemnon's Misfortunes.-- Orestes.-- Electra.-- Site of the City of Troy

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