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early 1991, after the Congress authorized President Bush

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Chapter X Attributes of Monsters. Laius. Oedipus. The Oracle. Sphinx. The Riddle. Oedipus made King. Jocasta. Origin of Pegasus. Fountain of Hippocrene. The Chimaera. Bellerophontic Letters. The Centaurs. The Pygmies. Description of the Griffin. The Native Country. One-Eyed People

early 1991, after the Congress authorized President Bush

Chapter XI The Ram with the Golden Fleece. The Hellespont. Jason's Quest. Sowing the Dragon's Teeth. Jason's Father. Incantations of Medea. Ancient Name of Greece. Great Gatherings of the Greeks. Wild Boar. Atalanta's Race. Three Golden Apples. Lovers' Ingratitude. Venus's Revenge. Corybantes

early 1991, after the Congress authorized President Bush

Chapter XII Labors of Hercules.-- Fight with Nemean Lion.-- Slaughter of the Hydra. Cleaning the Augean Stables.-- Girdle of the Queen of the Amazons.-- Oxen of Geryon.-- Golden Apples of Hesperides.-- Victory over Antaeus.-- Cacus Slain.-- Hercules, Descent into Hades.-- He Becomes the Slave of Omphale.-- Dejanira's Charm.-- Death of Hercules.-- Hebe, Goddess of Youth

early 1991, after the Congress authorized President Bush

Chapter XIII Theseus Moves the Fated Stone, and Proceeds to Athens.-- Procrustes's Bedstead.-- Tribute to Minos.-- Ariadne.-- Clew of Thread.-- Encounter with the Minotaur.-- Theseus Becomes King of Athens.-- Friendship of Theseus and Pirithous. The Theseum.-- Festival of Panathenaea.-- Elgin Marbles.-- National Greek Games.-- The Labyrinth.-- Daedalus' Wings.-- Invention of the Saw.-- Castor and Pollux.-- Argonautic Expedition.-- Orpheus's Harp.-- Gemini

Chapter XIV Destruction of Semele.-- Infancy of Bacchus.-- March of Bacchus.- - One of the Bacchanals taken Prisoner.-- Pentheus.-- Worship of Bacchus Established in Greece.-- Ariadne.-- Bacchus's Marriage.-- Ariadne's Crown

Chapter XV Pan.-- Shepherd's Pipe.-- Panic Terror.-- Signification of the Name Pan.-- Latin Divinities.-- Wood Nymphs.-- Water Nymphs.-- Sea Nymphs. Pleasing Traits of Old Paganism.-- Mrs. Browning's Poem.-- Violation of Cere's Grove.-- Erisichthon's Punishment.-- Rhoecus.-- Water Deities.-- Neptune's Symbol of Power.-- Latin Name for the Muses, and other Deities.-- Personification of the Winds. The Harpies.-- Worship of Fortuna

Chapter XVI Transformation of Achelous.-- Origin of the Cornucopia.-- Ancient Meaning of fight of Achelous with Hercules.-- Aesculapius.-- The Cyclops. Antigone.-- Expedition of the "Seven against Thebes."- - Antigone's Sisterly Devotion.-- Antigone's Burial.-- Penelope.- - Statue to Modesty.-- Ulysses.-- Penelope's suitors.-- Penelope's Web

Chapter XVII Orpheus's Lyre.-- Unhappy Prognostics at Orpheus's Marriage.-- Eurydice's Death.-- Orpheus Descends to the Stygian Realm.-- Orpheus Loses Eurydice Forever.-- Thracian Maidens.-- Honey.-- Aristaeus's Loss and Complaint.-- Cyrene's Apartments.-- Proteus Captured.-- His Directions to Orpheus.-- Swarm of Bees.-- Celebrated Mythical Poets and Musicians.-- First Mortal Endowed with Prophetic Powers

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